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This year I'm focusing on improving my running and overall health by taking the 2017 Mile Challenge and seeing where the journey takes me. I'm also revisiting the Monthly Challenge started by Nephew Jason in 2009.

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"If you don't try, you won't know you can."

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

2017 miles Day 191

A Tony Garcia message for you to start your Wednesday.....................

This. A whisper from my heart.
This. An open letter. Fill in your blank.
Dear __________,
I don't want just your beautiful.
I want your messy.
Your tired.
Your scars.
I don't want just your perfect.
I want your imperfections.
Your flaws.
Your chaos.
I don't want just your easy.
I want your "this is too hard".
Your burdens.
Your struggles.
I don't want just your "got it all together".
I want your disheveled.
Your untucked.
Your "I'm about to lose it".
I don't want just your calm.
I want your storms.
Your darkness.
Your turbulence.
I don't want just your pieces.
I want your everything.
Your wholeness.
Your all.
I want. Just you. For this, is to love.
Love, Me


As I read and reflect on Tony Garcia's message today, I took a closer look at Me ............... 
The first stanza, beautiful and accepting tired, messy, scarred.  I'm not one to wear make-up or try really hard to fit the magazine image of beautiful, but I do want to appear to be all put together,  the one who is tireless.  I put on my mask and cover the messy and scarred.  I wear the mask beautifully.  Self-image ... how do I see Me ... how do I want others to see Me?
The second stanza, perfection and accepting flaws and chaos.  I am not perfect.  I have flaws.  I have chaos in my life.  I do not want others to see these flaws, this chaos, so I hide behind my mask.  Self-image ... how do I see Me ... how do I want others to see Me?  
The third stanza, easy and accepting that life has burdens or struggles.  On the outside it appears that there is nothing that I can't do.  The reality???  I hide behind my mask of confidence.  Self-image ... how do I see Me ... how do I want others to see Me?
The fourth stanza, "got it all together" and accepting out of control.  There are very few people in my life that I allow to see me untucked.  This is a mask that I have welded tightly.  It is a mask that I wear and wear proudly.  I let my mask down only to a select few.  This is who I am.  Self-image ... how do I see Me ... how do I want others to see Me?
The fifth stanza, calm and accepting storms, darkness, and turbulence.  I ride a roller coaster.  Most of the time my ride is calm and easy and then I sabotage my ride.  The darkness, the storms, the turbulence take over.  I hide behind my mask and hope no one sees my struggle.  Self-image ... how do I see Me ... how do I want others to see Me?
As I reflect on Me this morning does it really matter how others see Me?  Actually, the answer is no.  The important thing is how do I see Me.
When I look in the mirror, who do I see?  What mask am I wearing?   Will I take down the masks or keep hiding???  Will I continue to hide myself from me?  Will I be able to accept all of Me, not just the good, but also the not so good ..........................  I think so.  Because to love Me, is to love all of Me.  Not just the good stuff.  

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