Welcome to My Garden

We may walk on different paths, but we follow the same footprints.

This year I'm focusing on improving my running and overall health by taking the 2017 Mile Challenge and seeing where the journey takes me. I'm also revisiting the Monthly Challenge started by Nephew Jason in 2009.

I'll try to post something every day. It may be a short inspirational quote or a longer narrative. Please join me......

"If you don't try, you won't know you can."

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Menacing Sky

It's that time of year when eyes are focused on the sky. What will be stirred up in that weather cauldron and dumped on unsuspecting victims? Fortunately, these clouds only stirred up some wind and a spit of rain ... no hail, thankfully.

Wall cloud moving in from the south west...................

View to the south - wheat field is looking good, yet so vulnerable to the wrath of hail storms.

Keep your eye on that sky - love that beauty - respect that power of God's Creation.........

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What's Blooming in the Garden?

Spring is a beautiful time in the garden - this is what's blooming today.....

Jonny Jump Ups - I don't remember planting them. I think they came in with something else. They seem to find a foothold in the smallest crack or crevase in the rock wall.

Cherries - from the looks of the trees there will be quite a few cherries in July.

Peaches - kinda sparse, looks like the snow last weekend didn't totally destroy this year's crop.

Peony - usually found as double flowers. This variety is single. Too bad they don't last very long.

Crab apple - This tree was loaded with blossoms. Don't remember seeing so many.

Apple Blossoms - this is a Yellow Delicious variety. We also grow Jonathan and Macintosh.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just Passin' Through

This oriole didn't stay very long - just long enough to have a picture taken documenting his brief stop-by. The peach tree is just starting to set blossoms.

Migratory birds pass through the garden on their way to places that are greener, warmer, not as windy......... Wonder what that would be like to be a migratory bird - move with the seasons?

Monday, May 10, 2010


Eventhough my sisters live miles apart - there is a bond that links us together. It's a bond that can't be seen or heard, but felt inside the heart. It's a bond that reaches deep within the soul.

We walk together through the garden of life ... sisters joined forever by love.

(Very sad that Caroline was unable to join us for our weekend in Madison)