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This year I'm focusing on improving my running and overall health by taking the 2017 Mile Challenge and seeing where the journey takes me. I'm also revisiting the Monthly Challenge started by Nephew Jason in 2009.

I'll try to post something every day. It may be a short inspirational quote or a longer narrative. Please join me......

"If you don't try, you won't know you can."

Saturday, April 1, 2017

2017 miles Day 91

April 1st and the start of a new month and a new challenge.  The first three challenges of 2017 are by now second nature.  However,  I will also continue to motivate and inspire to keep the body, mind, and spirit strong, hydrate, and make smart food and beverage choices.

Start a compost pile
Don't just throw stuff away - minimize trash and maximize recycling.

We have become an instant gratification, use once and throw away, I want that - society.  I'm no different.  I purchase items for their convenience.  I purchase items because I want it at the time.  I purchase items that have a limited use.  This month, my focus will be on the art of compost, and the art of "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle".  

There is a lot of discussion about climate change.  Here is my thought.  If the planet climate changes (which it has done since the beginning of time) humans as a species will either adapt or die out.  I believe humans will adapt.  I also believe that in order to survive, man as a species needs to focus on three essentials of life:  Clean water, clean air, and fertile soil.  When he has these three essentials, he will adapt and survive any change in the climate.  And so, this April 1st we begin, or revisit, how we can improve our "little corner of the universe"

Task for this week:
Analyse your trash.  What are you throwing away that will eventually end up in a landfill?    Does this trash include vegetable material that could be composted and used in your own garden?  Vegetable matter that ends up in a landfill will eventually break down and become part of the earth.  It is not the problem in a landfill, just a volume problem in your own trash can.  What are you throwing away that could be recycled or donated?  

This month is going to be a bit of an eye opener for me.  I know I can do a lot better in the trash department and have a lot of work to do.

Note:  I did meet this weeks goals, except for the 50 mile goal.  Sunday was an easy 2 mile day, Monday was a travel/rest day, Tuesday was a 10 mile day, and Wednesday I was starting mile 7 when I felt a sharp pain in my left calf muscle.  I stopped and tried to massage it out, but that didn't work.  It was more than a little cramp and decided to take it easy for a couple of days.  I tried a run on Thursday but the pain was still there and  walked 2 miles instead.  I decided to take Friday off.  This morning there is no pain, but will take it easy again today.  There is no sense in risking a major injury just because I'm too stubborn to quit.  Sometime you have to just listen to your body and make smart choices.  

Now, GET OUT THERE - You have work to do!!!!

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