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This year I'm focusing on improving my running and overall health by taking the 2017 Mile Challenge and seeing where the journey takes me. I'm also revisiting the Monthly Challenge started by Nephew Jason in 2009.

I'll try to post something every day. It may be a short inspirational quote or a longer narrative. Please join me......

"If you don't try, you won't know you can."

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

2017 miles Day 108

From the book, Wanna Know a Truth, by Tony Garcia, pg 141

Every shortcut has a price usually greater than the reward.
~Bryant McGill

There are no shortcuts
Each step on the path must be taken 
This is perseverance

There are no U-turns
The path always leads forward
This is growth

There are no fast-forward buttons
You will arrive when you are ready
This is patience

There are no signs along the way
You must follow your heart
This is trust

There are no others who can walk your path
Only you know the way
This is your journey


Instant gratification.  I want it.  I want it now.  I want to skip the hard work.  I want to skip to the fun part of crossing that finish line.  But, that is not going to happen.  This is day 108 of the 2017 mile journey.  This is Tuesday the 18th of April.  This is NOT a rest day.  You have proven that You will not take the shortcut.  You will not quit and find the easy way out.

Stay with it!!!  

Now - GET OUT THERE, You have work to do!!!

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